Term 4 Conversation in History

The guest speaker this term is Dr. Janet Butler who wrote the book ‘Kitty’s War’ based on the diary of Sister Kit McNaughton from Lara.

History Conversation, WW1, Torquay History, Kittys War


A little more about Sister Kit McNaughton can be gleaned from two television shows aired in 2014.

The War That Changed Us was a 4-episode Australian television documentary series presenting the true stories of six Australians in World War I.

The series follows the range of experiences of the following real-life people:

  • Soldier Archie Barwick
  • army officer Pompey Elliott
  • army nurse Kit McNaughton
  • Anti-war activist and trade unionist Tom Barker
  • Anti-war activist and publisher Vida Goldstein
  • Pro-war crusader Eva Hughes

Winning many awards, the Australian television miniseries Anzac Girls was the six-part series which told the true stories of the nurses who served with the Australian Army Nursing Service at Gallipoli and the Western Front during the First World War. Sister Kit McNaughton was one of those nurses. The series is based on Peter Rees’ book The Other ANZACs as well as diaries, letters, photographs and historical documents.

We hope that you can join us on Monday 7th November, 2.00pm at Torquay Lions Village.

RSVP   tmuseumwithoutwalls@gmail.com





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