Memories – Conversations


Jack O’Mara, Birdman of Torquay



Dick Garrard Snr. Olympic champ reflects




Ray Wilson remembers growing up in Torquay



Margaret Ganly 100 year old Torquay golfer.



Fred Baensch discussing changes in Taylor Park




Rex ‘China’ Gilbert talks about the 1956 International Surfing Carnival and surfing at Torquay in the early days.


Margaret Ganly


Margaret Ganly talks about early Torquay.


Margaret Ganly 3


Margaret Ganly talks about the wreck of the Joseph H Scammell becoming a family home.


Joan Cairney


Joan Cairney talks about early Torquay and school.


Margaret Ganly


Margaret Ganly, William Pride’s grandaughter, talks about her family


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