Long serving members

In 1966 Anthony Austin Street began his 18 year career as the member for Corangamite. The son of Geoffrey Street, in the first Fraser ministry he became the Minister for Labor and in Malcolm Fraser’s second term he was Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations and he went on to hold a cabinet post as the Minister for Foreign Affairs .

Tony Street was followed by the longest serving member for Corangamite, Stewart McArthur a sheep farmer from Camperdown who held the post for 23 years and served over 10 years as government whip.  He was unseated when, after more than 60 years Corangamite swung back to Labor under Kevin Rudd in 2007.

Photos:  Anthony Austin Street with young John Howard at the swearing of Malcolm Fraser’s Fourth Cabinet

Fergus Stewart McArthur


Election time -part 2

The second member for Corangamite was John Gratton Wilson, a first generation Australian and the son of an English tent maker. He was educated at Wesley College Melbourne and went on to study medicine at the University of London . He purchased a farm near Warrnambool and opened a medical practice.
JG Wilson served four years as a Captain in the Medical Corps during the war.
He won the seat of Corangamite in 1903 as a member of the Free Trade and Liberal Association and won a second term in 1906, but by then the Free Trade Party was re named the Anti- socialist party and advocated for the abolition of protectionism.
He was defeated in the elections held in 1910.


John Gratton Wilson, Corangamite, Torquay History
John Gratton Wilson

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