Memory itself is a funny thing. It’s not always reliable, and it can color our lives in ways we don’t even realize. However, remembering our collective past–and especially those who gave up their futures so that we could enjoy our present–is very important.

How we remember

Since the Boer War in 1899, over one million Australians have served in ten wars and more than 30,000 have served in over 50 peacekeeping operations since 1947. Over 101,000 Australian lives have been lost. On the Surf Coast 109 lives were lost during World War 1.

Alongside this loss we also give thought to over 900,000 men and women who have returned from service. They walk amongst us in our everyday lives, often carrying a heavy burden from their experiences as they transition into civilian life.

Torquay Museum Without Walls in conjunction with the website Together They Served (1914-1918 Surf Coast Memorials) is a tribute to the servicemen and women who served and sacrificed, not only in the Great War, but also over the subsequent century of service. In commemorating the Anzac Centenary, we are reminded of how brave young Australians lived the Anzac values of courage, integrity, resilience, mateship, teamwork, duty and sacrifice. We also reflect on the impact of war on the homefront.

Sharing stories

Family photos, letters home from the war, sharing stories, bold ceremonies and quiet reflection—these encourage us to keep the memory of Anzac alive for generations to come. Together They Served website has been gathering these stories for WW1. If you have any story to add we would love to hear from you.

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