Streets Wombah Park

Name Type Ship Date Location
Almeida Close Schooner Almeida 1858 Port Phillip Bay
Antares Court (1) S.S. Antares Nov 1914 West of Peterborough (Bay of Islands)
Antares Court (2) Brigantine Antares 19 Feb 1853 Reef near Chalky Island (off Flinders Island in the Furneaux Group)
Aquilla Avenu Brigantine Aquila (ship Aquila, street Aquilla) 1866 Warrnambool
Artisan Close Barque Artisan 23 April 1901 West of Cap Liptrap (South East of Inverlock and west of Waratah Bay – Wilson’s Promontory)
Baden Court Baden (not a shipwreck) 11 Oct 1866 Sandridge pier
Boscarne Avenue Schooner Boscarne Jan 1866 Kent Group of Islands (Bass Strait)
Bulli Court S.S. Bulli (three masted topsail schooner) 28 June 1877 Erith Island, Kent Group of Islands, Bass Strait
Casino Court S.S. Casino 10 July 1932 Apollo Bay
Colina Court Schooner Colina June 1853 Corio Bay
Conside Crescent S.S. Conside 14 Sep 1852 Point Lonsdale Reef
Corsair Way (Pilot) Cutter Rigger Corsair 24 May 1874 North side of Neapean Reef, Port Phillip Heads
Dumfries Court Dumfries Dec 1840 Swan Spit (Port Phillip Heads)
Edina Place S.S. Edina 30 April 1869 Lonsdale Reef
Elanora Court Brig Elanora 30 Dec 1856 Apollo Bay
Elmgrove Court Barque Elmgrove 9 Sep 1876 Wilson’s Promontory
Empire Court Schooner Empire 5 Feb 1894 St. Leonards
Endeavour Drive Endeavour 1852 Missing on  journey from Melbourne to Adelaide
Flinders Lane Cutter Flinders 1860 Dromana (Arthurs Seat)
Foam Court Ketch Foam Feb 1880 Missing on journey between Loutit Bay (Lorne) and Melbourne
Glaneuse Avenue Barque Glaneuse 2 Oct 1886 West of Point Lonsdale
Glengarry Drive Schooner Glengarry 1898 Marlo (East of Lakes Entrance)
Grange Crescent Barque Grange March 1858 Henty Reef, Marento, South of Apollo Bay
Hettie Court Schooner Hettie March 1836 Brighton
Highlander Street Schooner Highlander 1857 Apollo Bay
Holyhead Drive Barque Holyhead 12 Feb 1890 Point Lonsdale Reef
Joanna Court Schooner Joanna 13 Sep 1843 West of Cape Otway
Koomeela Drive Schooner Koomeela (Not a shipwreck) 23 Sep 1920 Bass Strait
Lochard Drive Loch Ard  (ship Loch Ard, street Lochard) 1 June 1878 Mutton Bird Iland, Port Campbell
Lune Court Barque Lune 17 Feb 1855 Cliffy Island, Wilsons Promontory
Lydia Court Barque Lydia Feb 1847 Port Fairy
Madina Place Madina 1877 Port Phillip Bay
Miranda Close (1) Brigantine Miranda 7 Aug 1852 Rabbit Island, Wilsons Promontory
Miranda Close (2) Schooner Miranda 16 Aug 1881 Apollo Bay
Nestor Court Barque Nestor 27 Oct 1854 Portland
Neva Court (Convict Barque) Neva 1835 Navarino Reef, King Island
Orungal Court S.S. Orungal Nov 1940 Formby Reef, Barwon Heads
Osprey Court Schooner Osprey 18 June 1854 Mouth of Erskine River, Lorne
Penola Street S.S. Penola 1865 Hobsons Bay
Petrel Close Cutter Petrel Sep 1853 Rye
Petriana Court Petriana 30 Nov 1903 Portsea
Pomora Avenue Schooner Pomona (street Pomora) 7 Mar 1886 Lake Tyers
Rayville Court M.S. City of Rayville 8 Nov 1940 Cape Otway
Rio Court Barquentine Rio July 1915 Lavina Point, King Island
Romeo Court Barque Romeo 14 Feb 1882 Ram Head, near Point Hicks
Rosney Place Ferry Rosney 1920 Sorrento
Scammell Crescent Josheph H. Scammell 7 May 1891 Point Danger, Torquay
Seabird Court Schooner Seabird 6 March 1895 Cape Patten
Time Court S.S. Time 27 Aug 1949 Corsair Rock, Port Phillip Heads
Whistler Close Whistler 28 May 1855 Whistler Point, King Island


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